Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

We are cognizant that an ESIA report is much more than just a technical document. It leads to the development of often legally binding commitments based on and enshrined in an environmental and social management plan (ESMP). This is a living document that develops over the life of the project and is often independently monitored.
In this way, it is a developer’s technical environmental and social assessment of a project and a key element of corporate social responsibility and, ultimately, of a company’s licence to operate.

We possess extensive experience in the production of ESIAs and ESMPs for international and local clients in projects spanning from renewables & recycling, mining, settlement planning and infrastructure. We offer a comprehensive range of ESIA-related services from screening through scoping studies to full impact assessments and mitigation, stakeholder engagement, development and monitoring of ESMPs, commitment register databases and disclosure processes.

Our Services:

  • Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Frameworks & Plans
  • Ecosystem services assessments
  • Environmental and social impact assessments and cumulative impact assessments and reporting
  • ESIA Project Management
  • Environmental Audits
  • Climate change impact analysis and adaptation