Land Surveying

Cadastral Survey

Cadastral Surveys is a specialised field of surveying which comprises the lawful establishment and recording of property boundaries and/or the rights in and over land that relates to boundaries.

Typical applications will comprise the following (but not limited to):

Compilation of accurate cadastral key-plans – reconstructed from SG Diagrams;

Cadastral Analysis / Land Audits for Property Developers which includes inter alia:

  • The compilation of cadastral key-plans;
  • The sourcing of data (Title Deeds, Services Way-leaves, available georeferenced digital ortho-imagery and DTM’s, Mining Rights, Land Claims information etc);
  • Compile Servitude Key-plans
  • Compile cadastral reports
  • Confirmation of Property boundaries

Subdivision surveys

Amalgamation of Land

Creation of Servitudes

Registration of General Plans at the director of surveys

Preparation of sectional properties plans and title registration

General Survey

Delineation of boundaries up to an accuracy of +- 3cm mostly in the rural locations.
Most of the general boundaries are defined by linear distances only and represented in a registered index Map (RIM).

Sectional Properties

An institution by which a purchaser acquires ownership of a unit in a multi-unit building or development complex in the same way one can acquires ownership in separate parcel of land.

Applications of sectional properties

  • Residential: Tower blocks, Flats, duplex apartments.
  • Commercial: Shops, go-downs.
  • Office: An office block can be divided into units and issued with titles.
  • Mixed-use scheme: Can be applied to developments of different user on a parcel of land i.e. maisonettes, bungalows, low-rise buildings, semi-detached housing, offices and other commercial use etc.
  • Resort sectional property schemes Hotels, resorts
  • Town Houses and Villas. Can be applied in zones that do not allow subdivision of land below a certain acreage but allows for increased densities.